Who Is This J'na Chick?

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50 Shades Of Jay. #CultureCon 🌟

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Personality pic ;* or whatever the kids say today

Oh hey. I’m J’na Jefferson. I’m a mid-20s-aged, loud-mouthed Jersey girl living and working from her couch in the Big Apple, because I was the lucky contestant on a September episode of “You’re Laid Off!”

Outside of spiraling and screaming into the void, I’m a journalist who specializes in the realms of music and culture. My work’s been seen on Billboard, MTV News, BBC Culture and more cool places that at times operate on a Net-45 basis, which makes it difficult for me to get paid in a timely fashion.

Likes: Gutteral laughs, empowering other women, rewatching Beyoncé’s Homecoming incessantly until I can do the “I-AINT-THINK-IN-AH-BOUT-YOU…HUUHHH” part in “Sorry” perfectly.

Dislikes: Cooking, sweating, James Corden

Why Did You Make This Blog?

As a writer, thinker and low-key egomaniac human being, I felt it was time to do my part to empower others to live their best, unapologetic, slightly hot mess of a life through self-love, self-knowledge, self-assurance, and self-help.

While some people would rather see others fall on their faces while navigating through this crazy world, I figured…Why not showcase the blunders? Why not discuss the not-so-perfect moments in an effort to help? Why not give some advice about what’s helped me get through s#!t?

I definitely don’t have my life together, contrary to what many may think, but I’m working on it and working through it, and I think I can help you do the same.

So what do you say?

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