How Are You Doing?

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back to ask ‘How are you doing?’ I mean, really.

Have you breathed today? A cleansing deep breath? In through the nose, out through the mouth? Are you drinking water? At least eight glasses a day if you can? Are you making sure to eat? At least three meals a day? Are you sleeping? Are you napping? Are you making sure to rest? Hope you’re not working too hard. Are you taking breaks from your computer? Are you taking walks around the block? Around your apartment? To the mailbox? Are you getting any fresh air? Are you opening a window? Are you looking out the window? Are you doing anything productive? I usually make my bed. Do you think that would be helpful? Are you checking in on your family? Are you checking in on your friends? Are you remaining physically distant but socially close? Do you know that it’s important to maintain social connections during this time? It does wonders for your mental health. Do you know this month is Mental Health Awareness Month? Do you know that stress and anxiety control is very important not just in the present circumstances we’re living in, but all day, every day?

I hope you’re staying safe, working to stay sane, and trying to get through this in a healthy way.

Some of the ways I like to stay sane include daydreaming, Pinterest/Instagram saving and reading. Do you have any healthy coping mechanisms? How can you make sure to apply these mechanisms to your life once this ends? Are you remaining positive for the future? Are you dwelling? Please don’t dwell. It’s important to grieve what’s not occurring or what cannot be during this time. Did you know that? It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel angry about what’s happening. What’s not okay is to bottle it up. If you feel like you need to let out steam, did you know you can? Do you know you could? Do you have someone to talk to? I’m sure they’d be understanding. We are all in this together.

So yeah… how are you doing?

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