In A World Of Cheerios, Own Being a Fruit Loop

I saw ^that^ quote once a few years ago and was like “yes.” It’s true, though. We’re constantly bombarded with propaganda and images of people who are doing everything they can to be exactly like someone else.

“Buy this to be just like the Jenners!” “Wear this to be just like Rihanna!”

How about you just buy what you want and wear what you want to be just like the person you were meant to become?

While I definitely think it’s fine to wear things endorsed or designed by someone you admire, or to be inspired by something someone of status has done or did, it’s a sad thought to think that some people will do something in the hopes of being a baby step closer to that person in terms of likeness, character, etc. Maybe it’s just something I’ve observed over time, but shit is weird.

People are blank canvases when they’re born, right? And influence is everywhere around you, helping to mold you into the person you’ll ultimately become. Why would anyone try so hard to fit in when the beauty of humanity is our differences?

This isn’t to say I’ve never been one of those people who did something to fit in with the crowd. I used to straighten my hair every single day and wear high heels my senior year of college because that’s what some of my friends were doing. I’d try to shop at the same places as everyone else, listen to the same music and so much more. However, I’ve always been a person who marched to the beat of her own drum a majority of the time. When I harnessed that fact and applied it to every aspect of my life, nothing really could stop me from living my best life.

Take what is different about you, or something you think is interesting about you, and use it to your advantage. For instance, (although it’s not a personality trait), I am a big fan of nostalgia, mostly because the uncertainty of the future is something that scares me to death it reminds me of better times. A lot of my professional writing pieces have centered around that fact, and I believe that’s helped me stand out in that respect. Then, that love translates to my clothing (find me with a vintage Tommy Hilfiger top instead of a Zara one), and the music I admire the most. It’s something that’s always been a part of me, and something I believe helps make me a little different.

I believe it also helps with your self-confidence. When you figure out what makes you different and what makes you special, and own those things, you feel better about yourself. You know what makes you stand out, and although confidence can be waning in some people, this could help it persist in you on those tough days.

All I’m saying is, be your weird, colorful, eccentric ass self. Everyone else is already taken.

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