Exercises With Household Products, Because You Can Still Be Snatched During Lockdown

I personally hate exercising. As a former competitive athlete, I feel like after I retired from my sport, my energy to stay in shape also retired. If you’re training like a Navy SEAL at age 12, no way you need to put your body through that again and again and again.

I will not exercise on a boat. I will not, will not, with a goat. I do not like it, Sam I Am. It’s boring to me, and I lose interest fast. I do things like dancing and taking very long walks and using the stairs, but I know some people don’t think that’s enough.

Despite all of this, I know I have problem areas on my body, and I want to make sure those areas are a top priority to tighten up, especially since we’re in the house for the foreseeable future.

As an athlete, I’m used to weight training in my exercise routines if I actually exercise. It helps me to feel like I’m putting in work, and a lot of things in the pantry of our houses and apartments are actually heavy enough to feel like you’re doing something. Here are some ways you can exercise in your house both with and without products. The best thing about these are that even when we’re not in lockdown, you can just do it if you’re broke.

Weight lifting with bigger, heavier items: Bleach, canola oil, laundry detergent, even bags of rice, lift that shit and do some reps, you will feel it in your arms. Do presses with the items to feel it in your shoulders and back.

If you live in an apartment complex: run up and down the stairs for cardio and legs! I live in an eight story building and have run up to the rooftop a few times. I still hate running but it definitely feels like I’ve accomplished something after doing it.

Chair or sofa for dips: If you haven’t realized, I enjoy doing arms. I have a fear of bingo wings. Hold on to a chair or sofa to do dips, which is good for your triceps. You can also do decline pushups with your legs on the sofa and your hands on the floor.

Rags, use those rags: If you place a rag or even a napkin under your feet and hands, you can slide easily on the ground in order to do some core strengthening workouts.

Hope you can use some of these to your advantage, even though we’re not going to put bathing suits on this summer.

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