Equal Parts Sweet Tea And Tequila

Personalities are important, and mine has been the most integral aspect of everything that I do.

Equal parts sweet tea and tequila is probably the best analogy to describe my personality, and those who truly know me probably can vouch. Honestly, there’s probably a little more tequila in my personality glass, but not enough to make you make that o_0 face, because that tea mellows it out. While I’ve always prided myself on being understanding of differences, and was brought up to be respectful of others, I will not (and have not) stood or will stand for B.S., and will say something when shit’s hitting the fan, when bullshit is afoot, or when something just doesn’t smell right. It’s that pleasant juxtaposition, nah mean?

I like to say that I’ve been “me” since I was about three years old. Talkative, a writer, a reader, often unwavering when it comes to my views, my likes and dislikes, but with a taste, likes and dislikes that are very very me (like my love of the ’90s and nostalgia, and my extreme dislike of James Corden). That multi-facetism is something that’s paramount, and I think being comfortable with who you are helps you navigate life much easier, and can help you empower others to tap into that for themselves.

In order to be fully free, you have to be understanding of your personality, and when the aspects of the personality can be utilized situationally and appropriately. While it’s fine to just be sweet tea, maybe a little something for a punch of added flavor on the surface may help from time to time. As with most mixed drinks, you don’t wanna put too much of one ingredient in the cup. If you’re not one to raise your voice when it comes to certain issues, you could run the risk of being walked all over. But at the same time, while you may be loud and proud, you don’t wanna come off as combative or angry at all times. These traits on their own can only get you so far.

Try a little tenderness, as Otis would say, but also don’t be afraid to show that strength where warranted.

This isn’t just for women. Men can be Cranberry juice and Hennessy as well. Cranberry juice is perfect for cleansing toxins, and since men NOW KNOW that it’s okay to be vulnerable and hold the power to be self-soothing, try to implement a little tenderness in your lives then as well.

Don’t be afraid to show all aspects of yourself. Drop your guard if it’s usually up. Speak up if you’re usually timid. There’s always a time and a place to be one or the other in life, but don’t pride yourself on being just ONE thing.

You’re limitless, like a bottomless mimosa brunch.

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