40 Ideas For Your Broke-Ass Nights In

We’re being stuck inside in the house to help others, but for many of us before Corona Jones came and screwed up the foreseeable future, we chose the snug life, instead of the other way around.

When we get out of here (because we’re staying positive), there’s still going to be those nights where you’re going to want to stay indoors. Whether it’s to save money, to save your sanity for when you’re all socialized out, or you’re just looking to have a little fun solo dolo, hopefully these ideas are right up your alley.

  1. Binge watch that new TV show everyone keeps talking about.
  2. Organize your sock drawer.
  3. Draw.
  4. Make pasta from scratch.
  5. Figure out WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO actually let the dogs out.
  6. Make gingerbread cookies and celebrate like it’s Christmas.
  7. Write down your thoughts on the week so far. How’s it going?
  8. Play with your hair- a nice wash, blow dry and deep conditioner should truly do the trick.
  9. Stretch.
  10. Find pictures of the potential culprits in order to lock down just WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO let the dogs out.
  11. Paint your nails and toes a color you wouldn’t typically rock to get our of your comfort zone.
  12. Watch an Oscar-winning Best Picture.
  13. Listen to three new-to-you albums, and pinpoint what you liked and disliked about them.
  14. Color-coordinate your closet.
  15. Do these potential canine escape artists have any other known aliases? Figure that out, definitely, for this may help you figure out just WHO… let the dogs out.
  16. Invite some friends over for wine and cheese.
  17. Make brownies.
  18. Reminisce about your childhood, and watch some old music videos from your favorite artists.
  19. Take a nice bubble bath.
  20. Waymennnnnt— is “Who Let The Dogs Out” about dogs? Or ugly women?
  21. Cook a steak.
  22. Start a blog of your own!
  23. Give yourself a mud mask facial.
  24. Learn a TikTok dance.
  25. Oh… it’s about “dog-faced women…” search the history of metaphors in pop music to pass the time.
  26. Create a bucket list for yourself.
  27. Plan the vacation of your dreams.
  28. Throw away some stuff in your drawers that you’ve held on to for too long.
  29. Write a poem.
  30. “A doggy is nothing if he don’t have a bone” suddenly just took on a new meaning. Find out who wrote this song and send them a strongly-worded letter.
  31. Make a list of restaurants in your town or city you’d like to try.
  32. Sage your apartment.
  33. Write a letter to your childhood self about the things you wish you knew.
  34. Make breakfast for dinner.
  35. All these thoughts about “Who Let The Dogs Out…” may as well have a dance party to it by yourself. No one will judge you, promise.
  36. Give yourself a full face of makeup.
  37. Make a note of your bad habits, and figure out how you can fix them.
  38. Read a book.
  39. Board game night with a few select friends.
  40. Would “Who Let The Dogs Out” song work in #MeToo America? Write an analysis piece.

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