Maybe Jerry From 'Cheer' Was On To Something: How To Be Your Own Biggest Fan

If you’re a fan of the Netflix show Cheer, you’ve probably witnessed the King of all Kings, Mr. Jerry Harris. Now… Jerry wasn’t the best competitive cheerleader by any means. He couldn’t tumble and he didn’t make mat at the beginning of the season. But what he didn’t have in raw athleticism, he had in self-confidence. That self-confidence transferred into cheering on his teammates from the sidelines, which made them more confident in their abilities. We all need a Jerry in our lives, and we all need to be a little more like Jerry.

Jerry realized that no one is going to believe in his work unless he did the work to believe in his own work first. Say that five times fast, not because it’s a tongue twister, but because I want you to apply it to your own life, and believe it to be true.

It’s incredibly easy to be your own biggest critic. Jerry really could have wallowed in self-pity, but that would have been too easy. Instead, he worked hard, got way better, and made mat, and made viewers cry in the process of owning himself and cheering on his teammates.

To relate this topic to my own life… it’s incredibly frustrating to be a writer sometimes. Even writing this now, I’m slightly bummed just thinking about whether all these thoughts, tips and tricks will be read, and if anyone will click on this post when I publicize it on my Instagram and Twitter. Knowing the people who follow me, they won’t, because even when prompted to read my articles–– which is not only a hobby, but it’s what I have to do in order to put Lunchables in the pantry–– they don’t (numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard). There’s things about my writing, no matter how many places I’ve had the chance to write for, I know I need to work on. For one, I overwrite. I write too much information down in an effort to show how much I know about the topic, and I know I do that because I do the same thing when I speak. Hell, I’m doing it now…(We love a consistent queen though)

But get this… I’ll still post, and I’ll keep writing regardless of some of my shortcomings. Why? Because I believe every single word that makes its way from my brain and to my fingertips and to my keyboard.

It’s just as easy to become your own biggest fan. I know what I bring to the table, and my big-mouthed, over-eager self is evidence of that. Jerry, I’m certain, can say the same. That’s our confidence in our abilities coming through, which to some people, it’s basically like the Kool-Aid Man storming through a wall.

Some people aren’t jazzed about loud and proud “LOOK AT WHAT I DID” head asses, but that’s not your problem: it’s theirs. There’s a chance that they’re (Maybeeeee? Possiblyyyyy?) a bit jealous that you’ve gotten to that point within yourself where the confidence oozes out of you like Floam, because they’re not quite there yet within themselves. And that’s okay, because self-confidence is a process, and they’ll get there one day. Once you get that level of confidence in yourself, you’re as good as gold, Ponyboy.

Now, in order to get that confidence to really jump out of you, you’re going to have to trust yourself. Maybe you’re still having a really tough time believing what you do is wonderful, and that’s okay… as I noted, self-confidence is a process.

Hopefully you have trustworthy friends to tell you when you’re doing amazing, sweetie. If a small room of friends are like “Okay, go OFF” when it comes to your baking skills, or they tell you that “YOU SNAPPEDT” when it comes to that original Didgeridoo composition you’ve been slaving over, they likely see something you may (or may not) see within yourself. But, we all know they’re not always going to be there. Life takes over in many different ways and at various times, so when there’s no one there to cheer you on, you’re going to have to do it yourself.

Don’t be afraid to tell yourself that “[I] did WHAT? That,” or “I really killed it, not gonna lie,” with whatever it is you know you’re doing well. Even if you think you still need work on your *thing*, changing your entire demeanor and believing in yourself goes a long way. Bring ‘mat talk’ to your own life, and apply it to yourself.

Be the Jerry you wish to see and be in the world, and others will cheer right back.

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